What Is Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a SCIENCE based approach to health and healing that looks at the body as a WHOLE integrated system with:

1. Each individual being unique – Different genetics, different lifestyle and different environment.

2. It focusses on preventing disease and restoring health by looking at the person as a whole and not a series of individual parts – and looking at how these parts fit together and impact each other to establish the root cause and drivers.

3. Looks to find the individuals ROOT CAUSE for the chronic conditions they are experiencing. Why do they have the symptoms that they do? What is triggering those symptoms and what keeps driving it/ the condition?

4. Once the triggers and drivers have been understood a treatment plan can be devised to disable them. Looking at what the FUNDAMENTAL needs of the body are (nutrition, nutrients, mindfulness, movement) and giving it to the body.

5. In addition to providing a comprehensive plan for the individual, its also about SUPPORTING and EDUCATING the individual to optimal health. By educating and understanding the process makes for good compliance  as its EMPOWERING.

‘Functional Medicine is medicine by cause, not by symptom. Practitioners don’t, intact, treat disease. We treat your bodies ecosystem. We get rid of the bad stuff, put back in the good stuff, and because your body is an intelligent system – it does the rest’

Dr Mark Hyman MD



The tree illustrates the Functional Medicine approach and the areas that will be looked at during the consultation.

Any imbalances have to be addressed by looking at the roots of the tree and supporting it as it is the foundation of good health.

Every consultation is different with no standard plan or protocol because every individual is different. Everything is bespoke and tailored individually.