“Having had no experience of consulting a nutritionist, I didn’t know what to expect. After years of tiredness and migraines (with no underlying cause being detected by blood tests), I was desperate to try anything. Farzanah immediately put me at ease, and after an in-depth consultation, I came away with a plan. The best thing about the plan that Farzanah devised is that it was designed to work with my lifestyle and required tweaks to my diet, rather than a radical overhaul. I was astounded to find that my migraines stopped, I had more energy and was even sleeping better. I can’t thank Farzanah enough for these life-changing results!”


North London




“I am not sleepy after lunch or before dinner anymore …”




“In 2015 I was diagnosed by my endocrinologist with Graves’ disease. This came after symptoms of high fever, swelling in my neck, fluctuations in weight and generally feeling really unwell. I was prescribed a course of antibiotics and a life long commitment to hormone replacement therapy starting with Thyroxin. Never an advocate of pharmaceuticals as the first solution, I sought an alternative with a nutritionist. A friend of mine referred me to Farzanah Nasser.

I was impressed by the amount of time Farzanah spent going through my family history, studying how I felt at different times of the day and looking at eating and other daily habits. Thorough examinations were done from bloods, inflammation, liver and adrenals to name but a few.

Farzanah meticulously devised my personal lifestyle plan that looked at everything from meditation, diet, nutrition, absorption levels, exercise, sleep and even toothpaste! Some were easy to adopt but others needed effort. She was there every step of the way checking how I felt and was coping with the changes. Offering recipes and any research to read.

Over the months numerous tests were done to monitor changes and make any adjustments to my plan. At 5 months my tests were all NORMAL! My thyroid levels were functioning perfectly and I’ve been feeling fantastic since.

The process has been educational and nurturing. As a family our way of life has changed for the better and we are eating and living a healthier more balanced lifestyle.

Farzanah has a very intelligent, academic yet caring and very personal approach to looking after her patients. I have complete confidence in referring her to anyone as I’m incredibly grateful for her support”


Central London




” Farzanah’s nutritional advice has really helped me boost my immune system and eradicate IBS; the bloating and discomfort I was suffering from on a daily basis. I have been following her suggestions religiously ever since! Her in-depth knowledge of the healing properties of nutrition is incredible, and her passion really transpires through her careful diagnosis and follow-up appointments. She has completely converted me and changed my own perspective on eating healthily and taking care of my body.”






“Throughout my life I had tried many different ways to lose weight and always failed and therefore contacted Farzanah to help me for nutrition and weight loss. Wither her help, I have learnt to understand more about the food that I eat ¬†and how my body works with this food and encouraged to make healthier choices. Through her program, I not only learnt about weight loss but also began my journey to a healthier lifestyle too. I have found her to be extremely professional and knowledgable about nutrition and thanks to her I have not only lost the weight I needed, but changed my attitude towards food. I can honestly say that it was a pleasure working with Farzanah and I can only recommend her! I lost the 10kg I needed the 6 weeks before summer …


Berrak Jackson