Food Is Medicine (BLOG)

Ziresh Pilau

So, I make this quite often in my kitchen, primarily because I want my little ones to eat and my little ones eat this with absolutely no fuss at all. Secondly, because its super easy and takes minimum effort to make, and thirdly (the reason I am sharing this) – it’s good for you!!! My […]

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Healthy Waffles

Morning Waffles Who doesn’t like waffles? The problem is waffles aren’t considered a healthy breakfast  because of the refined flour, lack of protein and goodness BUT we can change that!! I use to find myself stopping my kids from eating the foods that they wanted to – so instead of saying no – I decided […]

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Moroccan Stew

I was feeling really cold this morning and felt like I needed to put the heating on – the darkness and rain was a reminder that we have left summer behind and are now entering into the colder months. I started to crave this, i think its because its really warming and comforting – it’s a […]

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Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup Creamiest tomato soup – but with no cream and no dairy! It honestly is the best tasting soup and helps dispel the feeling of cold, darkness and basically winter… It my favourite soup ever … Its only got a few fresh ingredients and definitely beats anything you can get from a packet or […]

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Ice Pops

If your kids are anything like mine they love ice pops but when I have a read of the ingredients I’m never inclined to buying any! Then I spotted these DIY empty ice pop wrappers that you fill up yourself. This is a picture of the first batch that I made – it was super […]

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Whats In Your Carry On?

Whether you’re travelling a short or long distance it can be exhausting! It doesn’t matter whether I travel alone or with my kids – organisation is key! I am currently travelling from London to the United States for some training with the Institute of Functional Medicine. I am trying to organise my carry on and […]

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Heart Healthy Breakfast

So I am calling this a heart healthy breakfast because everything in it supports a healthy heart and cardiovascular system – everything! It is great example of how food really is medicine. In everything you eat you have the opportunity to start healing yourself. The base of this porridge is oats, chia, flaxseed, a grated […]

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Banana Bread

This is my go to when I need guilt free cake. Its full of nourishing ingredients that won’t cause any dips in energy like normal cakes and it will fill you up and keep you going.  No refined sugars and  no refined carbohydrates. Lots of protein, good fats and fibre. It really is lovely and […]

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Probiotic Olives

Did you know that green olives have a probiotic and prebiotic effect on your body and digestive tract when you eat them? They also increase amounts of lactobacillus. In addition to this they reduce oxidative stress  and inflammation. You need to have 12 olives everyday for 30 days for this to have an effect.   […]

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Protein Rich Granola: 3 Ways

SUPERFOOD-OMEGA3-PROTEIN RICH-GRANOLA 3 ways: Just made a batch of granola for the week. I’ve used lots of seeds and nuts to increase the protein and fat content. This will make it more filling which will keep me fuller for longer and prevent my blood sugar going on a roller coaster ride. It’s a big batch […]

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