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Banana & Pear Bread

SO, this is a recipe I play around a lot with as I am always making banana bread! Always buying an abundance of bananas in hope that some don’t get eaten, go over ripe and I can use them from banana bread! I also find that the best recipes evolve from not having the correct […]

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Rainbow Frittata

So, do you know how important it is to add colour to your diet? To eat a rainbow EVERYDAY? Well, all those different colours contain different phytochemical each with a different benefit that supports and helps protect your – immune system. So by eating a rainbow you are looking after and supporting your immune system […]

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Pecan and Pumpkin Seed Granola

Granola is a go to in my house, for breakfast, snacks, whenever… and I play around with my recipes a lot (if you browse my site you will find a few variations of a basic granola). It’s the closest thing to ‘snacks’ that you will get in my house and so it tends to go […]

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Spiced Mango & Chia Pots

These are one of my favourite desserts now. To be honest thought it doesn’t have to be dessert, it can be breakfast or a snack, there is nothing bad in it – just goodness!! The bottom layer of chia, almond milk and cardamon have an authentic Indian feel to it and tastes like a kulfi […]

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Batch Cooking Sunday

So, when I think about batch cooking I’m thinking about loads of veggies that I can roast/ bake/ steam on the weekend that I can use as a base for my meals during the weekdays. It makes weekdays much easier and also prevents bad food choice that happen when you’re hungry and low on time. […]

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Hazelnut Mylk

If you’re like me and spend a small fortune on alternative milks – you need this receipe! It’s tastier than any shop bought milks and you can control exactly what does into it. Plus, it’s way cheaper and more delicious. You may argue that it’s more convenient to buy it from the store but it […]

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Thai Detox Curry

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” Hippocrates When you feed your body the right kinds of food you will be amazed and what it is capable of and how these natural ingredients work in tandem with each other. Fast food is great but it doesn’t have to be from a tin […]

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Immune Supporting Kale & Miso

This really is a delicious salad recipe but its also got a whole host of benefits to it too. It’s also one sure way to get one of my boys to eat a whole bag of kale in one sitting and the side benefit is that he is going to getting a tummy full of […]

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Warm Water and Lemon

A lot of us have heard that starting the day with a warm glass of water with half a squeezed lemon is good for us. It’s like a mini detox every single morning when had first thing, on an empty stomach. It helps to keep our liver functioning optimally which is our major organ of […]

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A Healthier Burger?

How to Eat Your Burger  Who doesn’t love a burger!! I love burgers and they are one of my absolute favorite treats. I am gluten free so opt for the naked burger (wrapped in lettuce leaves instead of the bun) and loaded with all the trimmings: mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, gherkins and sauces. One day whilst […]

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