Hazelnut Mylk

If you’re like me and spend a small fortune on alternative milks – you need this receipe! It’s tastier than any shop bought milks and you can control exactly what does into it. Plus, it’s way cheaper and more delicious.

You may argue that it’s more convenient to buy it from the store but it is actually super fast and takes about 2 minutes to make.

1- Buy a bag of blanched hazelnut and soak them in some water overnight.

You need to make sure the hazelnuts are blanches as it helps give the milk and smooth and velvety consistency.

2- In the morning drain the water and put the hazelnuts (which will now be double in size) in a high speed blender. I use a vitamix. Add 3 cups of filtered water, 1/4 tsp of cinnamon and a pinch of pink salt.Blend this together for about 20 seconds or until it’s all blended together well.

3- Sieve through a nut milk bag. I use one by Super Foodies. It must be a nut milk bag or you just won’t get a silky smooth nut milk. I’ve tried using a cheese cloth and different mesh but it just is not the same. This nut milk bag won’t let anything through except the milk and it really is the secret to a good, silky smooth homemade milk.

4- If you want some added sweetness take one pitted date and blend the almond milk with the date until well combined.

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Simple …

You can use the hazelnut pulp to make brownies or biscuits

Want a chocolate milk? Just add 1 tsp of cacao or coco powder and one pitted date to 1 cup of the hazelnut milk and blend!!! You get a beautiful, whole food chocolate milk that is guilt free and delicious.


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