Warm Water and Lemon

A lot of us have heard that starting the day with a warm glass of water with half a squeezed lemon is good for us. It’s like a mini detox every single morning when had first thing, on an empty stomach. It helps to keep our liver functioning optimally which is our major organ of detoxification. It also helps to wake up the digestive system and alkalise our body – helping us with the perfect start to the day.

If there is one thing you can add to your life right now, I would choose this … and it doesn’t need to be boring either. You can pimp your drink each morning to suit your mood. I have some suggestions below that you can try and rotate.


Lemon Rind: Contains a plant chemical called limonene which is also supportive of liver detoxification and shouldn’t be chucked in the bin with the remainder of the lemon. Zest it, add it to your water and drink it. It will give the liver an extra kick of support.

Ginger: Grate some ginger into your water. It is both anti inflammatory and supportive of good health and immune function. Great during the winter months.

Saffron: Studies have suggested that it has an anti depressive effect and can increase feelings of wellbeing to such an extent that it is being compared to anti depressant drugs. Supplements companies are using it in nutritional supplements to reap these natural benefits of saffron. Just add 2-3 strands in the water and let stand for a couple of minutes before drinking.

Turmeric: Turmeric has so many health benefits but one very important one is that it supports your liver and detoxification. Add some here to get a extra hit. You can buy the root in some shops now (Plant Organic is where I get mine from). Grate some straight into your warm water with lemon and drink it together. Otherwise if you have the powder you can add a pinch of this to your drink.

Cayenne Pepper: To kick start and get your metabolism going. Just add one pinch to the warm lemon water.



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